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All reports deliver an independent and unbiased Reasonable Compensation figure that can be relied on in IRS examinations and litigation

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Reasonable Compensation Reports provide instant and accurate insights into Reasonable Compensation for closely held businesses to ensure you remain compliant, minimize risk and realize maximum payroll tax savings.

With in-built industry, legal, IRS criteria and salary data intelligence, you gain access to credible and independent Reasonable Compensation calculations with guaranteed cover in the event of an IRS audit or litigation.

Access reports for planning, compliance or normalization within minutes through an intuitive, cloud-based platform, removing all guesswork and providing full documentation and transparency around your compensation.

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Case Study
Divorce Settlement

The primary issue with this type of case revolves around the husband’s reasonable compensation and the value of the business.

If the initial valuation were to stand and the husband's salary was high, the company (the largest marital asset) would be worth significantly less. As such, the wife sought out a second opinion for a valuation of the business.

The wife will be able to use Davis Business Appraiser's reasonable compensation report to show that her husband's law firm is more valuable as a marital asset than the prior valuation had determined.

Because RCReport's analysis was supported by robust data and provides the method to the value achieved, the wife's attorney will be able to negotiate a more equitable settlement than the one initially proposed.


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